Can I carry Crystals in my Pocket?

The short answer to the question Can I carry Crystals in my Pocket? is: Absolutely, yes, that’s a good idea! The long answer on how they best work in your pocket, which kinds of crystals are best suited for carrying with you daily, and what happens when you carry crystals in your pocket, you can find below.

White person holding four tumbled stones in their hand

What are Pocket Crystals?

Pocket crystals are gemstones with certain properties that you carry with you throughout the day as a form of talisman. We believe that these stones have the ability to improve your emotional, physical, and mental well-being. Pocket crystals are small enough to be carried in your pocket or purse so you can benefit throughout the day from their positive energy.

Which Type of Stones are the best Pocket Crystals?

Tumbled Stones

The most common type of pocket crystal are tumbled stones. Rough minerals are placed in a special machine and polished for several weeks until the surface is shiny and smooth. This procedure brings out the colors and internal structure of the stones and they are now perfectly suited to be used as worry stones or palm stones and to be carried around in your pocket.

Tumbled stones come in different sizes and you can often buy them wholesale so you have many different healing crystals with different properties to choose from. Mixed tumbled stones are a great and affordable way to build up a collection of healing crystals for different situations to carry with you or to use on crystal grids.

Tumbled stones are great if you want to carry crystals in your pocket

Crystal Chips

Chips are small pieces of crystal that have been cut or broken off from a larger piece. They are usually less expensive than tumbled stones, but they can be just as powerful!

You can create a spell bag with stone chips by placing them in a small pouch with a written intention. You can also add a talisman or herbs. This is a great way to make use of those little pieces that are too small to tumble or use in other ways!

Will crystals work in my pocket? Yes, carrying them in a spell bag can be a great way to carry small stones with you!

I love making spell bags since it is such a focused form of imbuing crystals with your intent. When you sit down and think about the spell bag, what to put into it, then assemble it, you have already set the stage for success and given your crystal chips a clear idea of your goals and wishes.

A spell bag is a fantastic way to carry healing crystals in a backpack or handbag, since it is a bit bigger, more noticeable for you to connect with throughout the day, and you don’t risk scratching or breaking the stones inside.

Raw Crystals

Raw crystals are just that – crystals in their natural state, straight from the earth. They have not been tumbled or polished and may still have edges. These stones are very close to nature which can be an extra boost when you carry grounding crystals that should connect you to the earth.

Shaped Crystals

Aside from raw or tumbled stones, you can also find many types of minerals in the form of animals, angels, or wands. If you have a spirit animal, it can be very powerful to carry it with you, formed from a powerful healing crystal to aid you.

You might also choose a small wand or point. Crystals that are shaped like this can focus energy. Although if you are new to healing crystals, you might want to wait with picking up these specialized shapes for your energy work.

No matter which form of pocket crystals you choose, the important thing is that they resonate with you and support your goals!

Will Crystals work in my Pocket?

Pocket Crystals vs Crystal Jewelry

When we wear crystals as jewelry, the stones come into contact with our skin. This physical connection allows the crystal’s energy to flow into our bodies and interact with our own energy field. It’s easy to visualize this! The stone can help to cleanse, balance, and align our energy centers and chakras, promoting overall wellness.

Arm of a white person wearing a healing crystal bracelet

Pocket crystals, on the other hand, don’t have direct skin contact, especially if you carry them in a handbag or backpack instead of your pants pocket. But they can still be effective. When we carry crystals in our pockets, we are creating a close connection with the stones energetically. The stones are still able to interact with our energy field and support our intention for wellness.

In addition to the physical connection, wearing crystals also creates a mental and emotional connection. As we handle and look at our stones throughout the day, we are reminded of their healing properties and of our intention to live a healthy, balanced life. This reminder can help us to stay on track when we are feeling stressed or off balance.

That right there is the key to an effective pocket stone though! Don’t just throw one or two stones in your backpack and months later, when you find them full of dust and something sticky in the bottom corner of your bag, you wonder why they didn’t attract wealth and your soulmate!

The more you foster a relationship with your stones, the more you will benefit from their energies. Choose your pocket stones based on your current needs and goals and be intentional about connecting with them on a regular, daily basis. Having them in your pants pocket is certainly preferable over a backpack since they will have an easier way of reminding you of their presence.

Either way, you should take your pocket stones in your hand as often as you remember, several times a day, and focus on your intention for carrying them. This can be done for just a few seconds at a time, so it’s easy to fit into a busy schedule!

Carrying crystals in your pocket is a great way to stay connected to their healing energies throughout the day and is not inferior to crystal jewelry!

How to best make Crystals work in Your Pocket

There are endless reasons why you might want to carry pocket stones with you. Maybe you want to attract more abundance, or you’re looking for protection from negative energy. Whatever your intention, know that there are crystals that can support you!

When choosing pocket stones, consider your current needs and goals. If you’re working on attracting more abundance, choose crystals like citrine, green jade, or pyrite. If you’re trying to release negative patterns or protect yourself from negativity, black tourmaline, smoky quartz, or hematite would be good choices.

If you’re not sure where to start, get a rose quartz tumbled stone! Rose quartz is a very loving stone that will have a positive impact both on relationships to others as well as to yourself. Rose quartz is also a calming, relaxing stone that can help relieve stress.

One of the best things about pocket stones is that they are small and easy to carry with you. You can carry them in your pants pocket, in a small pouch or bag, or even in your bra! (If you choose to carry them in your bra, be sure to cleanse them often since they will be close to your skin. We’ll get to that again later.)

If you are asking “will crystals work in my pocket?” you can keep the following things in mind to make them work as well as possible:

  • If you are going to carry multiple stones, put them in a small pouch or bag so they don’t get scratched.
  • Cleanse your crystals regularly, especially if you are carrying them with you everywhere. This will help to remove any negative energy they may have picked up, as well as germs from rubbing over them.
  • Keep them next to selenite crystals or in a selenite bowl overnight to charge them for the next day.
  • Don’t forget about your stones! Check in with them regularly to get a boost of energy and to remind yourself of your intention.
  • When you are not using them, store your pocket stones in a safe, dark place without charging them.

What are the Benefits of carrying Crystals with me daily?

Healing crystals work in two ways – one of which is scientifically proven. The main reason people work with crystals (and this is not scientifically proven, but only anecdotal) is that they can balance out your personal energy, boost your energy, or protect you from negative energy. Specific stones have a specific set of properties. They can be soothing or activating. They can shield you from bad influences or attract things you wish for.

Can I carry crystals in my pocket? Image showing hands holding several colorful tumbled stones.

The second effect of crystals – and this one can be proven – is that pocket stones can help you remember your mantras and make you more mindful and present in the moment. They symbolize your goals. If you carry a pocket stone with a specific purpose in mind, e.g. rose quartz to feel less anxious, or red jasper to feel more motivated, they are a constant reminder of your goal. That’s why pocket stones are a great form of self-care!

Whenever you need to reassure yourself, just reach into your pocket, palm your healing crystal, take a deep breath, and feel the crystal ground you and help you reach your goals.

How to choose the right Pocket Stone

There is a crystal for pretty much everything! However, it’s not a good idea to stuff your pockets with all the stones in the sense of “more is more”. Some crystals don’t go well together and you will get much better results if you focus on one or two goals at a time and carry stones that work well with one another.

Here are four crystals that are easy to obtain as tumbled stones and make great pocket crystals because they support us in very common situations:

Image of Rose Quartz, a light pink, slightly translucent gemstone

Rose Quartz

If you tend to feel stressed and anxious, rose quartz is the best stone for you! Always keep it around to let it soothe you, to feel more relaxed, and to feel loved. Rose quartz is the love stone and will boost your self-love and help you improve your relationships.

Image of Citrine, a translucent yellow gemstone


Citrine is a happy stone and it’s lucky! Citrine can attract good fortune for you while giving you an energy boost and making you feel more joyful. It’s a wonderfully bright and optimistic stone to carry in your pocket for little boosts of positivity throughout the day.

Image of Tiger's Eye, a golden stone with brown to black stripes

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is great when you want to feel more powerful! It boosts your courage and helps you to stay motivated. If you want to reach set goals in school or in your career, tiger’s eye can support you.

Image of Black Tourmaline, an opaque, matte black stone

Black Tourmaline

If you often feel like people are sucking the energy out of you, black tourmaline is the perfect pocket crystal for you. It shields you and protects you from other people’s negative energy.

Can you carry too many Crystals in your Pocket?

Yes! While healing crystals are generally very forgiving and happy to support you in any way you intend for them, some crystals should not be together.

This isn’t so much in the crystals themselves as in their purpose. For example, when you carry a crystal that is calming and grounding like rose quartz, it can be very helpful. But if you also carry a crystal that is stimulating and energizing like carnelian, they may end up canceling each other out or get your energies all muddled up.

In general, it’s best to start with one or two stones with a similar purpose that you are drawn to and that support your intention. You can always add more later or rotate as you learn more about working with crystals!

When in doubt, go with your intuition. If a certain crystal feels like it doesn’t belong in your pocket, trust your gut and leave it out. You can always come back to it later!

The key is to be intentional with your crystals and to only carry those that support your current goals. No matter how big your bag is, don’t carry your entire crystal collection with you! Be mindful of which crystals you need on any given day.

A heap of colorful tumbled pocket stones

So, can I carry Crystals in my Pocket?

Let’s summarize it: Yes, carrying healing crystals in your pocket with you daily is a great idea with several benefits. Use them as worry stones, as reminders of your goals, and to benefit from their energy.

The more mindful you are when choosing crystals to carry with you and when considering which shape makes the most sense for your situation, the better.

Establish a connection to the crystals you choose to carry with you. Go with your intuition when picking the stone you want with you and try to stay in touch with them throughout the day by taking them out of your pocket and into your hand to get direct skin contact and a tangible reminder of your goals.

Always take good care of your crystals and cleanse them regularly. If you are working with stones for manifesting or other goals, it is also important to charge your crystals often so they can continue to do their job!

So, if you’re looking for a way to keep your crystals close to you throughout the day, carrying them in your pocket is a great option!

Check out my guide with crystals for beginners to find out more about healing crystals and how they connect to the seven chakras.