The Best Ways to Charge and Cleanse Crystal Bracelets

Crystal bracelets are a fantastic way to carry your crystals with you all day, and I often recommend them as the preferred method when using crystal healing to work toward a specific goal.

But in order for them to do the best possible job, it’s important that you know how to cleanse crystal bracelets so that they stay in good shape energetically – and stay hygienic to protect your skin!

What type of Bracelets are we talking about?

A healing crystal bracelet is a bracelet made out of a single type or multiple types of gemstones. This form of jewelry is usually worn for the benefits of the healing crystals and not so much for the looks (even though they are also very pretty, of course).

People wear these beaded bracelets to support their emotional and spiritual well-being and healing. Crystal bracelets are a great way to remind yourself of personal goals, mantras, or manifestations.

Many different Crystal bracelets on racks in a shop

How to Clean a Crystal Bracelet

Cleaning and cleansing a bracelet are not the same thing! But before we start talking about cleansing a crystal bracelet energetically, we should give it a good physical cleaning.

Most healing crystals can go in water, and those you would commonly find on crystal bracelets likely don’t mind getting wet.

That being said, even hard stones don’t like extended baths. So, in the long run, it does your crystal bracelets good to only rinse them off instead of leaving them in water for hours.

The reason is that most healing crystals get their colors from various metals inside the stone. That’s why the often recommended salt water bath is a bit iffy, really, as salt reacts much quicker with metals than water.

The best way to clean crystal bracelets is to use a soft cloth and some hand soap. Apply a small amount of the soap on the cloth and rub the bracelet to loosen dirt and skin fat.

Rinse the bracelet under running water and then dry it with a towel. This method works both for jewelry with silver or gold aspects as well as bead bracelets with an elastic band inside.

I recommend that you clean your bracelet like this every evening if you wear it daily.

How to Cleanse Crystal Bracelets

Cleaning crystals under running water is a solid way to also cleanse it energetically. But I found that it’s beneficial to use a more thorough energetic cleansing method at least once a month if you wear your bracelet daily.

Here are four great options to cleanse crystals:

  • Let the crystal bracelets spend the night on a window sill or outside bathed in moonlight (this is particularly beneficial for crystal bracelets with soothing, calming properties)
  • Put the crystals in the sunlight for up to 15 minutes (this is particularly beneficial for bracelets with activating, energizing properties)
  • Place the bracelet next to healing crystals with cleansing properties (selenite is excellent for this purpose)
  • Use a smudge stick to swirl smoke around the jewelry
A Rose quartz bracelet (how to clean crystal bracelets)

How to Charge a Crystal Bracelet

You now know how to clean a crystal bracelet hygienically and how to cleanse crystal bracelets of unwanted energy. Once the bracelet is effectively empty, it’s time to recharge it with positive energy so it can support you again!

The four cleansing methods we have discussed above also charge crystals to some degree. They exchange negative energies with positive energy.

For charging, it’s very important to consider the purpose of the crystal bracelet, why you wear it, and to choose a cleansing and charging method that resonates with the healing properties of your bracelet.

If you, e.g., want to charge and cleanse a rose quartz bracelet to soothe stress and anxiety, placing it under the full moon is particularly powerful because of the moon’s calming energy. Whenever the purpose is connected to relaxation and calmness, moonlight is a good choice.

The act of swirling smoke around your bracelets, on the other hand, is more active and activating. So, if you want your bracelets to give you more physical and mental power, and motivate and activate you, this method is great.

The same goes for sunlight. However, smudging is a much safer cleansing and charging method than sunlight, as it can quickly damage crystals.

When you choose the more hands-off method of placing your crystals next to charging crystals, you can choose a type of stone that has similar healing properties. An amethyst geode is a great place to charge (and store) rose quartz bracelets. While a carnelian cluster can help you charge bracelets that are meant to motivate you or unblock your creativity, like a tiger’s eye bracelet.

In addition to these cleansing and charging methods, you should also meditate with your bead bracelets or – if that’s not your thing – hold them in your hand and visualize what you want the bracelet to do for you.

Charge them with your intention to direct the energy toward your goals! Visualize how the energy flows through the little stones to you and what they will change for you.

Many different Crystal Bracelets on a table

How to Store Gemstone Bracelets

In order to keep your jewelry safe and clean when you don’t use them for a period of time, you should put them in a small fabric bag, keep them in a box, or wrap them with a piece of cotton or silk. This will protect them from dust and too much sunlight that could alter the color.

Store your crystals cleansed but not charged!

If you wear a gemstone bracelet regularly, you can also place it next to matching charging crystals, so it will be ready to go when you need it again.

The crystal bracelets I wear daily get rinsed under water every evening. And then, I place them in a selenite bowl for the night.

Taking good care of your healing crystal bracelets is a great form of self-care! It’s meditative, and it gives you the opportunity to focus on yourself, your goals, and your wishes.

So, try to take this time to cleanse the crystal bracelets, charge them with your intent, and store them carefully!