Conflicting Stones: What Crystals should not be together?

Working with healing crystals is generally very forgiving and a lot about intent. Nevertheless, conflicting crystals can be an issue and will get your energies muddled up.

Read below what crystals should not be together in your bedroom, on a crystal grid, or in your pocket!

Can it be dangerous to mix conflicting Crystals?

No, I don’t believe that crystal work can be dangerous for you in and of itself. It only ever gets truly dangerous if you ignore concerns that require the help of a professional.

We talk often about how working with crystals is all about intent. And in that sense, crystals are, as I said in the beginning, very forgiving. You can imbue them with your intention, and they will mostly play nicely together.

However, you have to be clear in your intent! If you want two things that don’t really go together, you might end up with conflicting crystals that should not be together.

The worst-case scenario would be that you feel drained of energy or that you feel overstimulated and don’t sleep well. If you feel something is off when working with your crystals or trying out a combination of crystal bracelets, retrace your steps.

Consider your intent and your reason for combining these stones. The easiest solution on the spot would be to simply reduce the number of different stones you have on your body.

And once you find time to meditate or visualize your goals, think about where you might have gone wrong with your combination of healing crystals.

Sometimes it might also make sense to look up specific stones to see whether you missed some important properties that make them unsuitable for the specific combination you had in mind.

What crystals should not be together (image showing a clear quartz wand and colorful tumbled stones)

Crystals that amplify your Energy vs Crystals that soothe

Many crystals can be positive for your mental well-being, but you have to pay close attention to how they affect your energy. A crystal like amethyst is meant to calm you down and lower unwanted energy.

Don’t pair that with a crystal like carnelian that is meant to be invigorating and amplifies your energy!

Blue lace agate and red jasper are another pairing of conflicting crystals that simply don’t work together very well. Blue lace agate calms and soothes your energy, while red jasper wants to make you feel more energized and empowered.

In particular, if you are struggling with depressive and anxious episodes, it is better to make a decision for one crystal and work on one problem at a time than to try and mix crystals that hinder each other.

You might find yourself in a situation in which you want to throw everything you have at a problem and use a combination of crystals that are soothing and crystals that are energizing, e.g. because you suffer from fatigue and feel nervous.

A woman with black hair lying on a bed, balling her fists over her eyes
It can be difficult to deal with anxiety and fatigue and find the right crystal healing path for this without using conflicting crystals!

In a situation like that, it can be difficult to form a clear path for yourself and make a decision about which issue you want to work on first. But finding clarity and forming a priority list for yourself is a very important first step to making changes that benefit your general well-being.

Fatigue and nervousness, for example, are often rooted in or at least exacerbated by low sleeping quality. Two symptoms that seem like opposites are likely to be caused – or at least worsened – by one underlying problem.

And once you have identified the root cause, the choice of crystals is often much easier.

And it is a huge achievement to recognize your own need and to be able to formulate your intent for the stones, even if it seems like it’s only the first step!

In your bedroom, you should only have soothing stones that help with stress and anxiety and promote better sleep. Keep any healing crystals that are supposed to get your creative juices flowing and crystals to be more focused and motivated in your work area.

That’s why it’s also generally advisable not to store or display your healing crystal collection in your bedroom. Similarly, when you set up a crystal grid, which is like a little energy battery, keep it far away from your resting area!

It’s immensely helpful to know how to organize your crystals so you don’t get your energies muddled up.

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How to find out which Crystals should not be together

Crystals that protect vs Crystals that attract

Now, crystals never mean to open you up to negative influence. But if you use crystals to help you find love or friendship or to improve your communicative skills, it’s not ideal to pair them with crystals that are very protective.

This is a bit more of a grey area than the crystals we discussed in the previous section. And it is really a bit of a balancing act.

On the one hand, if you are empathic or a highly sensitive person, it is so helpful to have a crystal like black tourmaline on you at all times that protects you from other people’s energies.

A white man lying on a yoga mat, eyes closed, a piece of black tourmaline on his forehead

On the other hand, if you are looking for connection, a certain level of energetic receptiveness is necessary!

As in the previous section, I recommend that you choose a focus. Improving your communicative skills or finding people to connect with are things you might want to work on in specific situations or for a specific amount of time.

The need to protect yourself from other people’s energy, on the other hand, might be something you feel you require at all times. But you can also often pinpoint a certain place with certain people where you actually need that energetic protection the most.

So, if you are wearing gemstone bracelets or pocket stones, you can easily swap them depending on the situation you find yourself in.

For example, you could put on your citrine bracelet or bring a moss agate pocket stone when you go to a place where you hope to meet new people. Citrine and moss agate are great crystals for friendship!

But when you go to work or need to run errands, you could wear your black tourmaline bracelet again.

If you are working with crystal grids, I recommend that you focus on the active goal of connection and communication, instead of the passive situation of needing to protect yourself from negative energy.

Crystal grid with rose quartz and clear quartz to attract love
Crystal grid to attract love

For example, you could set up a crystal grid with rose quartz and other love crystals to help you find your soulmate. And you can still bring your smoky quartz pocket stone when you have to see a toxic family member or work colleague.

Just don’t have it on you all the time while your grid is working hard to attract people toward you!

That is overall a situation in which crystals can work much more effectively for you than if you set up a crystal grid for protection from negative energies while wearing a rose quartz bracelet during the day in the hopes of attracting a romantic partner.

As for wearing a protective crystal bracelet throughout the day, I’m not saying your grid won’t work then, but these are conflicting energies that aren’t ideal to have. So it would be good to limit when you use protective stones when you are also trying to actively attract people into your life.

By the way, clear quartz is a powerful crystal to have in any crystal grid and since it is an amplifier, it doesn’t conflict with other stones. So, it’s always a good choice whether your goal is to protect yourself from negative energies or to attract people to you!

Sunstone gems on white background and moonstone gems on a dark background

Sunstones vs Moonstones

Sunstones are a bit of a special player. These stones have very strong vibrations and want you to shine just as brightly as they do. Sunstones amplify your energy and your mood.

Moonstone, on the other hand, balances you out. While sunstone wants to lift you up, moonstone gives you smooth sailing. But those two things simply don’t go together well.

And while we have already touched on the different energies in the first section, these two stones need a dedicated section because it might be tempting to wear the sun and the moon.

However, their properties simply don’t match well and these are definitely conflicting crystals that don’t go together well.

Conflicting Crystals and Sending out a Message

As you might have noticed, the biggest point when trying to figure out what crystals should not be together is to decide what your specific goals and priorities are. You want to be able to send one straightforward message into the universe. And I’m sure you know that “I want this thing, BUT also…” is not a good and clear message.

Straight-forward messages are always easier to communicate and because of that more likely to be fulfilled. Work towards mental clarity, sort out which issues and goals you have, and make a plan when and how to use which of your crystals.

Combining crystals is always easier when you know exactly what you are hoping for. And the crystals work so much better when their energies complement and amplify each other!

Image showing black, green, red, purple, pink, and yellow healing crystals
Colors are a good indicator of what crystals should not be together!

How to remember what Crystals should not be together

If you find it stressful or intimidating to learn a list of crystal names that you should not put together, please relax! Since crystal work is so attuned to your intentions, nothing bad will actually happen from conflicting crystals being together.

But the crystals won’t work the way you hoped. And maybe you will even feel your energy somewhat muddled. If something feels off while you are wearing or setting up different crystals together, consider if one of them might not match.

When you are setting up a crystal grid and wondering which crystals can be on there together, trust your instinct and the aesthetic. Crystals of matching colors usually have matching properties as they resonate with the same chakra. They will work well together on a grid to reach your goal.

But if you have set up a crystal grid for abundance with many green stones and then there are red stones in the mix that make you grit your teeth, just put them aside and use them another time. Sometimes, in theory, certain crystal combinations should work well for a project but they can still look and feel wrong. Then for you, these stones should not be together and that’s okay.

Crystal healing work is gentle and forgiving. Try to be open to your stones’ guidance and let them help you on this journey!

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Everything you need to know about Conflicting Crystals (which healing crystals should not be together)