How to make a Spell Bag with Crystals

A spell bag is an amazing and powerful tool for positive energy work! If you are wondering how to make a spell bag yourself, find out below which ingredients to use and how to put together spell bags for protection, for abundance, and for love!

What is a Spell Bag?

Ever since I first saw the word “spell bag” I was utterly… charmed (pun intended). The idea of a little charm bag, filled with magickal things to protect and support me sounded so delightful.

And so I set out to learn how to make my own spell bags which I want to share with you here!

This is the basic concept of ingredients:

  • A small drawstring bag or pouch
  • Healing crystals
  • Herbs
  • Essential Oil
  • A small piece of parchment paper
  • Optional: A talisman or other items of significance

The crystals, herbs, and oils should all be chosen with the purpose of the spell bag in mind. They should resonate with you and make you feel like they can help you reach your goal or intention.

You can also add other items to the spell bag, such as charms or talismans that represent the spell bag’s purpose.

On the piece of parchment paper, write down your intention for the spell bag. This could be as simple as the word “healing” or ” protection”, or an affirmation or wish.

Once you have written down your intention, fold the paper up and place it in the spell bag. Next, add the healing crystals, herbs, and essential oils. Try to stay focused on your intention while making the spell bag so it is infused with its purpose.

Tie the spell bag shut, and carry it with you or keep it in a special place. The big advantage of spell bags over spell jars is definitely how very portable they are, so I would usually opt for taking a spell bag along.

To use the spell bag, simply hold it in your hands and focus on your intention or visualize how it is sending your energy.

Spell bags are a great way to keep your healing crystals close to you. If you are looking for a way to boost your positive energy work and if you don’t like wearing crystal jewelry, consider making a spell bag!

Now, let’s look at a few recipes for specific spell bags.

Black spell bag for protection with various stones

How to make a Spell Bag for Protection

We’ll start with making a spell bag for protection. The point of spell bags is that you can easily take them with you. So, we’ll tailor this pouch to protect you against negative energy from other people and protect your own energy against being sucked away by others.

If you are an empath and/or tend to feel very exhausted when you are around other people (or certain people), this spell bag will be just the thing for you!

For a protective spell bag, you best choose a black pouch. Black is a color that is associated with protection and shielding against negative influences.

Most protective crystals are also black. I recommend black tourmaline for this spell bag because it is particularly strong in protecting you from other people’s toxicity.

Mix it up with some red jasper! This is also a stone with great protective properties, and it gives you strength and power, which is always useful when out and about.

A great herb for this pouch is sage. Sage is traditionally used to get rid of negative energy.

As essential oil, I recommend rosemary. It dissipates negative energy, and it reduces stress and exhaustion!

On the piece of paper, write down your intention for the spell bag. In this case, since we are making a spell bag for protection, our intention might be something like “I am safe” or “I am protected”.

Once you have written it down, fold the paper up and place it in the spell bag. Next, add the black tourmaline, red jasper, and sage. Then sprinkle some rosemary oil on the bag.

Tie the spell bag shut, and carry it with you. If you feel stressed out or uncomfortable, you can take out your spell bag and hold it in your hand to rid yourself of the negative energy that you might have accumulated. You will feel refreshed and more energetic!

How to make a spell bag: Leather drawstring pouch with amber and agate crystal beads

How to make a Spell Bag for Wealth and Abundance

“Money can’t buy happiness”… Sure, BUT most of us have so little of it that we would indeed be a whole lot happier if we had more. I mean, you might not need a billion, but being financially secure does improve your quality of life by a lot!

So, carrying a spell bag for wealth and abundance is always a good idea, especially if you have career prospects or are building up a business. Basically, whenever you need an extra nudge to make your dreams come true.

For this pouch, a yellow fabric or a bag with yellow accents would be great since yellow is a color that is associated with abundance.

Accordingly, citrine is a must for this spell bag! This healing crystal is perfect when you want to attract wealth. Another great choice here is pyrite which looks like gold or jade, which is also associated with riches and money.

As an herb for this prosperity pouch, we use alfalfa. And then you can add ginger essential oil, which is traditionally connected with attracting good fortune.

On the piece of parchment paper, write down something like “I am prosperous” or “The universe provides me with abundance”.

Once you have written down your intention, fold the paper up and place it in the spell bag. Then add the healing crystals, alfalfa, and sprinkle the bag with ginger.

Tie the spell bag shut, and carry it with you. Take it out as often as you remember to send the message out into the universe that you are ready to receive!

Crystals, a spellbag, candle and flowers

How to make a Spell Bag to Attract Love

Lastly, we are creating a spell bag to attract romantic love. You can, of course, also make a spell bag to improve your relationships with friends and family or to attract a best friend. To find the best stones for these uses, check out my lists with the best Heart Chakra Crystals!

If you have read the previous two sections, you probably won’t be surprised when I recommend a pink drawstring bag here!

Or you can use any old bag you already have and add pink elements to it (e.g. by sewing or gluing them on or swapping the drawstring for a pink ribbon).

Rose quartz is absolutely, without a doubt, THE love crystal, and when you want to make a spell bag for love, rose quartz has to be in it.

With the second crystal, we set a bit of a nuance. So, if you are looking for romantic and passionate love that will sweep you off your feet, go with carnelian!

Very traditionally, we will use rose as the herb in this love spell bag. And as essential oil, use the very romantic Ylang Ylang.

Now that we have the ingredients, write your intention down, e.g., “I am open to love” and put the paper, rose quartz, carnelian, and dried rose petals in your bag. Add a bit of Ylang Ylang and close the bag.

Carry it with you and keep a connection with it by thinking of it regularly and touching it to remind yourself and the universe that, yes, you are open to love! Visualize yourself surrounded by love!

leather spell bag with raw crystals

Okay, now you know how to make a spell bag for yourself! And you can, of course, develop this further.

You can really use any combination of crystals, herbs, and essential oils that you feel drawn to.

If you have a more specific purpose in mind than the three we have discussed here, you can research which ingredients best match your goal and assemble your own pouch. The most important part is setting your intention and then carrying your little bag with you and tending to it.

Keeping your goals and wishes in the forefront of your mind will make you all the more ready to recognize opportunities!