Sacral Chakra Crystals: How to Balance the 2nd Chakra

Do you feel like you’re stuck in a rut? Do you feel numb, like you don’t get passionate about anything anymore? Then your sacral chakra might be unbalanced or even blocked. If you are lacking creativity and passion, sacral chakra crystals can make all the difference! They will help you bring harmony to your Svadhishthana.

Why You want a balanced Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra is the second chakra and is located in the navel area. It is associated with our emotions, creativity, and sexuality.

A blocked sacral chakra can cause a range of problems. Emotions like sadness, anger, or frustration can become more intense and harder to deal with, making us feel like we’re stuck or like we’re walking through fog.

It can also impact our creativity. It will be harder to find both motivation and inspiration to create.

And since this chakra is also the seat of our sexuality, a sacral chakra imbalance can cause problems in our relationships as well. We may have difficulty expressing ourselves emotionally or physically. We may experience intense fear of rejection or abandonment.

We may find it hard to let go and enjoy intimacy. There can be a disconnection between our mind and body, making it difficult to truly feel pleasure.

An overactive sacral chakra, on the other hand, can make us feel excessively emotional and can even cause compulsive behavior.

We may become “addicted” to things that give us pleasure, like TV, games, working out, or chocolate. Things that would be fine in a normal amount can get out of hand and turn into an unhealthy habit that negatively impacts us.

We may become overly attached to people or things, making us unusually possessive and jealous.

citrine sacral chakra stone

A balanced sacral chakra is essential for a happy and fulfilled life. When our sacral chakra is in harmony, we feel creative, passionate, and alive. We are able to let go and enjoy life’s pleasures. We feel emotionally balanced and stable. We have fulfilling relationships and are able to keep a healthy balance of enjoyment and moderation.

Healing the sacral chakra will help you feel more in control of your feelings and passions. You can take ownership of your wants and needs!

Sacral chakra crystals are stones that resonate with this energy center’s aspects and support feelings of creativity and pleasure. We can balance the sacral chakra by integrating crystals into yoga practice, meditation, and creative pursuits. We will talk more about this later!

Colors associated with the Svadhishthana are orange, purple, reddish-brown, and pink which can give the first pointer on finding the best crystals for sacral chakra healing.

Our Top 10 of the Best Sacral Chakra Crystals

Image of Tiger's Eye, a golden stone with brown to black stripes

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is the most important sacral chakra stone. It helps to bring balance and harmony to the chakra. It is a stone of courage and strength that can help us to overcome fears and doubts. Tiger’s eye also enhances our creativity, giving us the motivation to pursue our passions.

Photo of Red Garnet, a deep red translucent stone with inclusions

Red Garnet

Red garnet is a sacral chakra stone that helps to activate and balance the energy center. It is a stone of passion and sensuality. It can help us to let go of sexual inhibitions and enjoy intimacy. Red garnet also enhances our creativity, bringing forth new ideas and projects.

Image of Citrine, a translucent yellow gemstone


Citrine is a very joyful sacral chakra stone that helps to increase creativity and motivation. This stone has a strong influence on our optimism and sense of self-worth. Citrine is also known as the “success stone” because it can help us to manifest our goals and desires.

Photo of Aragonite, a translucent orange gemstone cluster

Aragonite Star Cluster

The aragonite star cluster crystal is a powerful tool for balancing the sacral chakra. Aragonite star clusters can help you to appreciate the beauty and love in this world and help you to let go of negative feelings. It also promotes feelings of safety and balance.

Image of Carnelian, a slightly translucent orange to red stone


Carnelian is a wonderful red-orange gem that can help with relationships by bringing peace and happiness. It can reduce stress and increase your confidence so you can change bad habits. Carnelian is a very sensual stone that can increase your passion and your enjoyment of intimacy.

Image of Rose Quartz, a light pink, slightly translucent gemstone

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is the love stone with a strong effect on your emotional wellbeing. It can be used to bring love back into any situation, to heal relationships, or just to help you have nicer thoughts. This crystal can also ease feelings of being overwhelmed by life. Rose quartz is one of the most popular crystals because it is an excellent stone for harmonizing relationships on all levels – emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual.

Photo of Tangerine Quartz, a translucent orange stone

Tangerine Quartz

Tangerine quartz is very energetic and one of the best sacral chakra crystals. It stimulates creativity, attracts abundance, and protects you from being drained by others. It can help you release energies back into the world instead of keeping them locked up inside your body and blocking your sacral chakra.

Photo of orange calcite, an opaque gemstone in a deep orange color

Orange Calcite

Orange calcite is a crystal of inspiration and can be used to stimulate the sacral chakra. Just like most other types of calcite, orange calcite can be used as a tool to balance various aspects of life. Due to its color, it has a strong connection to the sacral chakra! It is an excellent stone if you are looking to balance your sacral chakra while getting an extra boost for your creative juices.

Photo of Agate, a stone with clearly defined layers, some opaque, some translucent, in different colors ranging from white to dark red


Agate is the stone of growth and intuition, enhancing your innate characteristics so they can become stronger. Agate provides protection from negative energy and brings calmness to an overactive mind. It’s a great stone to balance out an overactive sacral chakra.

Photo of Sunstone, am orange to gold translucent stone with a spangled look


Sunstone is a joyful stone that will make you feel more emotionally balanced and benevolent towards others. It can help you to feel more self-confident and to be more open about your feelings. Sunstone is an inspiring crystal that supports feelings of enjoyment and optimism.

How to use Sacral Chakra Crystals

Sacral chakra crystals are stones for creativity and pleasure. And the best way to stimulate the sacral chakra is to incorporate these stones into balancing, joyful, and creative activities.

If you want to stimulate your sacral chakra, wear beaded bracelets while free-flow dancing! Dance is a very sacral chakra activity that gets you in touch with your body and your sexuality. Make space so you can move freely, let your hips engage, and center your moves around the naval area.

White woman with flying blonde hair dancing wildly in her living room

If you feel like your sacral chakra is overstimulated, look for stillness. Lie down comfortably with a sacral chakra crystal on your stomach or sit while holding the stone in front of your stomach. Practice mindfulness meditation and let go of any intrusive thoughts.

Yoga is also a very good practice to balance the chakras. If you want to target the sacral chakra, focus on hip-opening yoga poses. Pigeon pose, lizard pose, and cow face pose are all excellent sacral chakra yoga poses as they engage the hips.

The sacral chakra influences a fairly wide variety of areas from emotions to creativity. So, when trying to heal or open this energy center, it’s good to choose crystals that correspond specifically to the imbalance you feel.

For example, if you need help with creativity, select a stone like tangerine quartz. If you are struggling with sexual energy, choose carnelian. If you want to bring balance to your emotions, allow rose quartz to support you. If you are looking for all-around sacral chakra stones, tiger’s eye is the perfect choice!

No matter what sacral chakra crystals you choose, make sure to cleanse and charge them regularly. This will help to ensure that they are working at their best!