How to Use Crystals for Success to Reach your Goals

Do you want to be successful and attract happiness and wealth into your life? Crystals for success can be powerful tools to help you achieve your goals. Crystals have been used for centuries for their ability to help us turn our dreams into reality. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of using crystals for success, and we will provide tips on how to use them effectively.

Success means something different for every person. But in the end, we all just want to be happy, fulfilled, and secure. And crystals are a great tool to reach our individual goals and help us on the path to our personal happiness!

How can Healing Crystals help you be more successful?

Crystals work for you in two different ways. One is very tangible. Crystals are a physical reminder of the goals you have set for yourself! When you see the crystals that you have placed around your workspace or touch your crystal bracelet, they will serve as a tangible reminder of what you are working towards. They will give you a moment of mindfulness, of catching a quick break in the daily hustle and bustle, and help you to shift your priorities in a healthy and goal-oriented way.

You will be able to see the bigger picture again and be reminded of what you are actually working towards.

Two crystals for success lying on a book titled My Life, a pen next to it

The second way in which crystals can help us is much more subtle and metaphysical. Each crystal has its own unique energy signature that can help to raise your vibration, which in turn attracts more success into your life. When you surround yourself with the positive energy of crystals, you open yourself up to limitless possibilities. That’s why we use specific stones for specific purposes. Because they can be so much more than a visible reminder! They can support you in overcoming personal obstacles, things that hold you back, or they can shield you from negative outside influences, like a nagging person, and – I particularly love this one! – they can attract luck!

Luck is such an important aspect of success. Often, it’s – sadly – not enough to work your behind off, you also need to know the right person or be at the right place at the right time, to really get a boost in your career. And below you will find, among other success stones, some amazing crystals for luck!

The Best Crystals for Success

Green Aventurine

Image of Green Aventurine, a slightly translucent green stone and one of the best crystals for success

Green aventurine is known as the “Stone of Opportunity,” because it can increase the chances of success in all areas of your life. This stone is associated with good luck and it’s one of the best money crystals. It is often used to attract wealth and prosperity. Green aventurine is a wonderful stone to help you with career success!


Image of Citrine, a translucent yellow gemstone

Citrine is a great crystal for success if you are looking to attract wealth, abundance, and happiness into your life. This stone helps to remove negative energies and brings in the positive vibes! Citrine is truly a great success stone because it gives you the necessary confidence and optimism to aim for your goals while also shifting the odds in your favor.

Tiger’s Eye

Image of Tiger's Eye, a golden stone with brown to black stripes

Tiger’s eye is a powerful crystal that can help you achieve career success. When you have tiger’s eye with you, you will find it easier to stay focused and motivated so you can reach your goals. This crystal is associated with the solar plexus chakra and can greatly boost your personal power. With all its powerful positive energy, tiger’s eye is one of the best crystals for success!

Rose Quartz

Image of Rose Quartz, a light pink, slightly translucent gemstone

Rose quartz is the stone of love, and it can help to attract positive energy into your life. It opens the heart chakra so you can be more receptive to love, joy, and abundance. When your heart is open, you will find it easier to manifest your dreams and goals. But rose quartz doesn’t only help you in your personal life! Since it can improve all of your interpersonal relationships, it’s also a great success stone when you want to build a bigger client base or get the promotion you’ve been waiting for.

Clear Quartz

Image of Clear Quartz, a transparent white gemstone

Clear quartz is an amplifier. One of this healing crystal’s biggest strengths is its ability to amplify the energy of other stones. But it is also very versatile and can be used for many different purposes. When you pair clear quartz with other success stones, it will make them more powerful. But clear quartz itself will also provide you with more mental clarity so you can make better decisions and take decisive action towards your goals.

Smoky Quartz

Image of Smoky Quartz, as translucent white to dark brown stone

Smoky quartz is a great crystal for success if you are looking to remove negative energy from your life. It helps to protect against negative vibes and it promotes positive thinking. If you feel you aren’t reaching your goals because of self-doubt, negative thinking, or negative comments from others, smoky quartz can help you clear away the unhelpful energies that are holding you back so you feel ready to move forward!

Lapis Lazuli

Image of Lapis Lazuli, a dark blue stone

Lapis lazuli is a crystal that is traditionally associated with wisdom and truth. It can help you to stay focused and clear-minded, and it also helps to open up the throat chakra and the third eye chakra. This stone will give you the mental clarity and insight you need to make good decisions and take decisive action towards your goals. Lapis lazuli is also associated with wealth, making it one of the best success crystals for attracting money.

Green Jade

Image of Green Jade, a dark green opaque gemstone

Green jade is a fantastic crystal for good luck and fortune. It can help you to attract wealth and abundance into your life, and it also helps to remove negative energies. Green jade is perfect for you if you are looking for a success stone that will also bring you good luck. Often, all we need is a little boost of positive energy and good fortune to help us achieve our goals!

Black Tourmaline

Image of Black Tourmaline, an opaque, matte black stone

Black tourmaline stones are protective crystals that are known for their ability to shield you from negative energy. They help to create a bubble of positive energy around you, and cleanse and purify your space. If there are specific people in your life holding you back from your goals, black tourmaline can help to protect you from their negative energy. This is also a great stone to have with you when you are working on manifesting your dreams into reality.

How to use Crystals for Success

Now that you know some of the best crystals for success, it’s time to learn how to use them!

We have already mentioned earlier how crystals serve as a visual reminder of our goals. And to that end, it’s a good idea to have crystals on your person and in your environment. But we also want to introduce you to more active techniques to use crystal energy to find career success and attract wealth!

Healing stones are happy to help you become more active and involved in turning your dreams into reality. So, let’s get to it!

A small cushion with two bracelets made from lapis lazuli beads, one of the best crystals for success

Wear crystals as jewelry

One of the easiest ways to use crystals is to wear them as jewelry. You can buy crystals pre-made into jewelry, or you can purchase loose crystal beads and make your own jewelry. Beaded bracelets are a very affordable option to start working with healing crystals. And they are available with many different stones. Either way, wearing crystals will keep their energy close to your body so that you can benefit from their positive vibes throughout the day.

Carry crystals in your purse or pocket

If you don’t want to wear crystals as jewelry, you can carry them in your purse or pocket. This way, you can take them with you wherever you go and reap their benefits all day long. If you create a spell bag with crystals for success, you can combine the benefits of carrying your crystals throughout the day with the benefits of an active healing crystal ritual.

A spell bag is a little pouch with healing crystals and other ingredients like herbs, essential oils, or a talisman that you imbue with your intention. The bag has the nice side effect that it will protect your stones from scratches and from losing your stones somewhere in your purse (you know that’s a thing!).

Place crystals in your work area

Yes, this one is obvious: If you want to attract success in your career, place crystals in your work area! This could be on your desk, in your office, or even in your car if you have a long commute. Having crystals near you will help to increase the positive energy flow and attract success into your life. And, of course, they will serve as visual reminders of the goals you are working towards. When you place crystals in a room, choose bigger shapes that will match the size of the space.

Make a crystal grid

A crystal grid is an arrangement of crystals in a specific pattern that amplifies their energy and intention. Tumbled stones that you can buy in bulk for affordable prices are fantastic when you want to start setting up crystal grids. The beautiful thing about this way of working with healing crystals is that it is an active, yet meditative ritual.

While you are preparing the stones and setting up the pattern, you are entirely focused on your intention, on your goals. You fully imbue the stones with your wish on what you want them to do. This intensive time with the stones will help you to brainstorm and you might even come up with new ideas to help you reach your goals.

Meditate with crystals

While crystal grids are a meditative practice, you might instead prefer the direct approach: Meditating with crystals! There’s a good reason why this is such a popular way of working with healing crystals. It is such a great way to connect with the stones’ energy and receive guidance from them! You open yourself up and are particularly receptive to the stones’ help.

To meditate with crystals, find a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted. Sit or lie down in a comfortable position and hold the crystals in your hands. Close your eyes and focus on your breath. As you breathe in and out, feel the energy of the crystals entering your body and filling you with positive vibes.

When working with crystals…

Whenever you are working with healing crystals, it’s important that you take good care of them. After choosing the right stones to work with, give them a gentle cleaning. Then charge the crystals to get them ready to do their work for you. If you use the crystals for a ritual, cleanse them again once the ritual is finished and store them in a dark place.

Cleanse crystal bracelets every evening and keep them in a selenite bowl or next to a selenite crystal to have them charged and ready to go the next day.

A hand holding a stone inscribed with the word success

Crystals are such a powerful tool that can help you to manifest your goals and dreams. As you have seen, there are many different ways that you can use crystals for success to attract wealth and happiness into your life. So, don’t hesitate to give them a try!